You never imagined you would be seriously injured in a Central Ohio car accident, did you?

You are probably here because you are the victim of a serious Central Ohio auto accident. I assume this because, for me, that is the very reason why I first searched for a lawyer. Before you sign anything, accept any settlements, or talk to anyone about your Central Ohio automobile accident case, please contact our office to discuss your options. Don't let the insurance company take advantage of you!


Crash Victims: Don't Make The Same Mistakes I Made!

Many years ago, long before I became an attorney, my wife Nan and I were in a serious Central Ohio truck accident. While traveling 55mph on I-71N in Columbus, our car was slammed by a semi truck. It was hurled 180 degrees into a cement barrier, directly facing oncoming traffic. We were scared to death, shaken, hurt, and very lucky to be alive. At that moment, we had our first exposure to:
  • The Truck Industry, who said, "It's not our fault."
  • The Insurance Industry, who claimed, "You're not really hurt."
  • The Legal System, where we wondered, "Why is this so complicated? This was clearly not our fault!"

Nan and I felt like you probably do today - hurt, helpless, confused and alone. We didn't know who to trust or where to turn for advice. We didn't know what our options were - or if we even had any options. The medical bills were piling up, the pain would not go away, the insurance company would not stop fighting us, and the car rental company was difficult to deal with.

It seemed like everyone was trying to give us advice and, unfortunately, we listened to the wrong advice and went with the wrong lawyer. Our attorney, whom we had never met, told us to "take the settlement because that is all you will get." Even though we knew nothing about how the legal system or insurance industry worked, we drove 3 hours to his office to pick up our check. After we paid our medical bills, the lawyer received just as much money as we did. It was a great deal for him, but definitely not so good for us. We felt like we had been slammed - AGAIN!


Jack's Law Office: A Place for Answers

Several years later, I made the decision to pursue a career as a lawyer. I remembered exactly how I did NOT want to be treated as a car accident victim. As a teacher for ten years prior, I had already made the decision to dedicate my life to educating others. So, as I began my own private law practice, I was determined to not only be a zealous advocate for my clients, but to educate them as well. In my quest to be the advocate that Central Ohio car accident victims need, I decided to take a stand - a stand against the firms that handle clients and cases like a number in a long line; that speak in legalese; and that take all cases, good or bad, thereby never being honest with someone about the fact that they may not have a case. Jack's Law Office is the exact opposite. My office is a place where you can come for help, ask any question, and learn about the process that you will be going through. I will give you my honest opinion about whether you even need the help of a lawyer.

If I don't think you need an attorney, I will give you free advice as to how you should proceed. If we do decide to work together, I will be upfront and honest about every single aspect of your case. I will educate you about what will happen in your case, and will answer every question you have to the very best of my ability. This way, when important decisions need to be made, you will be prepared.

If your life has been shattered by a car crash, I am here to help you pick up the pieces and fit them back together. Contact me today at 1-888-693-8718 for a free consultation to answer your Central Ohio car accident questions.


Jack's Law Office represents victims of the following types of Central Ohio injury cases:

Drunk Driving Accident
The outcome of a Central Ohio drunk driving accident is often horrific. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured by a drunk driver, you need an experienced Central Ohio drunk driver accident attorney. Contact Jack’s Law Office for the personalized, caring experience you’re looking for

Car Accidents
With scores of Central Ohio auto accidents occurring daily, your chances of being involved in one are extremely high. If your life has been shattered due to another driver's bad judgment, contact Delaware, Ohio car crash lawyer Jack Carney-DeBord at Jack's Law Office today.

Truck Accidents
Due to the sheer size and weight of a tractor trailer, Central Ohio semi truck accidents often have catastrophic outcomes. If you or someone you love has sustained severe injuries due to their involvement in a Central Ohio truck crash, call Jack's Law Office at (1-888-693-8718).

Motorcycle Accidents
With very little to protect a motorcyclist from severe injury, Central Ohio motorcycle accidents are some of the most deadly. If you or someone you love has been injured in a Central Ohio motorcycle crash or has suffered a wrongful death in a Central Ohio motorcycle wreck, contact Jack's Law Office today.